Stevy Mahy "Haiti Cherie" by:
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Event: HaitianBeatz 4th Anniversary Bash Featuring Stevy Mahy, Martine Marseille, King Kino, Roody Delpe with the after party by Dola Mizik Presented by: Location: S.O.B.s 204 Varick St. Manhattan, NY Shot Date: 12/14/2012 Videographer/ Editor: Joseph Mathieu Hire us: - Joe: 917-771-0921 - Fafane: 347-623-3612 - Alain: 917-310-8474 - Jessica: 347-756-9298 Like us: Twitter: @AppleNightsNYC, @limedefinition Instagram: @applenights, @_fa1, @msjay_applenights, @limedefinition
Added on Oct 13, 2014 by HAITIANMOTION
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