Part 8 - Should Aristide be allowed back.wmv
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Part 8 - "Should Aristide be allowed back?" In this segment, RAM weighs in on whether the exiled former President of Haiti should be allwed to return to his homeland. Aristide was first elected December 16, 1990 and overthrown in a CIA-backed military coup, the evening of September 30, 1991. As one of several conditions for his return to Haiti in 1994, then U.S. President Bill Clinton and "Western" allies demanded that the 3 years he spent in exile be counted as part of his 5 year presidential mandate. As the Haitian Constitution forbids two consecutive terms, he could not run in the elections organized under his presidency in 1995. The next opportunity for him to run was in November 2000. See also... a November 2010 interview given by Aristide to U.S. Journalist Nicolas Rossier: Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti; Exclusive Interview With Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide by Nicolas Rossier Part 7 "Did Aristide Steal the 2000 Elections" In this segment, RAM tries to recall how things unraveled in Haiti 10 years ago. The May 21, 2000 Legislative Elections and the November 26, 2000 Presidential Elections are put in context. Aristide Haitian and foreign foes claim these elections were rigged in favor of the exiled former President's Fanmi Lavalas (FL) party. Part 6 -- "It was a coup, I participated!" In this segment, RAM explains his rationale for taking part in the February 2004 coup d'├ętat that toppled the government of president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He claims to have attended coup-plotting meetings in Washington. I asked him whether, now in 2010, he has any regrets. Can you guess his answer? The full interview, including the English segments (Part 5 forward) will continue to be posted on Youtube over the coming days. N.B.: The first segment (parts 1-4) is available in Kreyol and covers a range of topics that may help shed light on current events unfolding in Haiti, as the nation braces for the final days of Y2010. See:
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