Tabou Combo (Haiti) - Yapatia (60's Haitian Compas/Kompa!!!)
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The beginning of the evolving "mini jazz" movement which started in the 1960's. Small bands called mini-djaz (which grew out of Haiti's light rock and roll yeye bands of the 1960's ) played kompa featuring electric guitars, electric bass, drumset, and other percussion, often with a saxophone. This trend was launched by Shleu-Shleu after 1965, came to include a number of groups from Port-au-Prince neighborhoods, especially the suburb of Pétion-Ville. Tabou Combo, Les Difficiles, Les Loups Noirs, Frères DéJean, Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour, Bossa Combo and Les Ambassadeurs (among others) formed the core of this middle-class popular music movement. Young Haitian musicians of these mini-jazz or small bands were critical in the technical improvement of the compas style. Although Raymond Guaspard (Nemours) started it, however, popular and talented guitar players such as Ricardo Tiplum (Les ambassadeurs), Robert Martineau (Les Difficiles/Les Gypsies/Scorpio Universel/Topvice), Dadou Pasket (Tabou Combo/Magnum Band), Jean-Claude Jean (Tabou Combo/Super Star), Claude Marcellin (Les Difficiles/DP Express/Zekle), Police Nozile (Freres Dejean/Gypsies/DP Express) and many more have created intricate, mostly rhythmic guitar styles that constitute a strong distinguishable feature of the méringue (compas or cadence). Vocals: Serge Guerrier, Roger Marie Eugene Lead Guitar: Maestro Albert Chancy Rhythm Guitar: Jean-Claude Jean Bass: Adolphe Chancy Drums: Herman Nau Tambour: Yves Joseph Tam-tam: Yvon Andre Violin: Fritz Coulanges Accordéon: Paul Gonel
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