Emeline Michel - Nasyon Solèy (A Song for Haiti) / Lyric Video
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"NASYON SOLEY" is a song featured on Emeline Michel's 8th album "Rasin Kreyol (2004). Named the "Joni Mitchell of Haïti", Emeline Michel has emerged as the reigning queen of Haitian song. Her songs merge native Haitian compass and rara with jazz, pop, bossa nova and samba. A captivating performer, versatile vocalist, accomplished dancer, songwriter and producer, Emeline sings in French and Haitian Creole, and her world-wide concerts and seven CD recordings have catapulted to international acclaim. "Living outside of your own country, you feel you have let your country down," says Emeline Michel, the Queen of Haitian Song, who releases Rasin Kreyol on World Connection in March 2005. "Especially while the country is sinking politically. You carry so much love and so many beautiful things about your country you want to put out into the world." That is exactly what her eighth CD does. Emeline was born in Gonaives, Haiti. Currently she lives in New York City with her son. Along the way she has lived in France and Montreal. Emeline began her musical career at a very young age singing gospel music in the church. By the age of 12 she was performing solos and at 18 she won a contest that brought her to the US to study music for a year. While she is very proud of her Haitian heritage and being born in the first Black Republic; Haiti is among the poorest nations in the northern hemisphere and it is the social and political commentary of the nation where Emeline focuses the subject of her songs. But Emeline Michel also takes advantage of the vast collection of rhythm and sounds of the Caribbean music in the area. Rasin Kreyol is a musical journey of Haiti. The album is filled with the rhythms and sounds of Haitian music and a rich mixture of cultures from European French to the African Congo. As Emeline combines the old with the new by using traditional instruments and modern electronic instruments so does she bridge the generation gap with the appearance of her young son on one of the albums' tracks. (Text by Sherrill Fulghum)
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