The Haitian Tag [Collab w/ Emmy8405] | JASMINE ROSE
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♥ Happy Haitian Flag Day Everyone! Check out my Haitian Tag video filled with memories of fun times, good food and some kompa dance moves! Hope you enjoy! LIKE this video if you do!!! ^_^ See you guys in JUNE! ;) ♥ Subscribe HERE: ♥ Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe! ^_^ ♥Check out Emmy's video HERE: ♥Check Out My Last Video♥ NYX Macaron Lipsticks + Swatches! ----- My LINX Second Channel | Blog | Luvocracy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |!/JazzyTe007 Pintrest | Keek! | ----- HAITIAN TAG [Questions] 1.Favorite Haitian dish 2.Your mother/father's favorite phrase 3.Which province is your family from? 4.Have you ever been to Haiti? 5.Do you speak Creole/French? 6.What do you appreciate most about your ethnicity? 7.What does being Haitian mean to you? 8.Show us your favorite Haitian artifact/souvenir 9.Do you know how to dance Kompa? 10.What's your favorites Haitian artists/songs? ----- MUSIC DJ Excel | The Excellence of Kompa Vol. 7 ----- P.S CONGRATS to MissiSippyMade for winning some of my favorite things from April! Yo go girl!!! :) ----- ***For Business Inquiries ONLY: *** ----- KEYWORDS Haiti, haitian, haitian tag, the haitian tag, haitian american, haitian flag day, flag day, May 18th, kompa, jacmel, labadee, beljazz, belo, creole, creole speaking, french, french speaking, kompa dance, emmy vargas, emmy8405, haitian flag day 2014
Added on Oct 8, 2014 by HAITIANMOTION
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