Kompa Love Mix Fall 2013 ChjinoSl
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Kompa Love Mix Fall 2013 1-Mwen bouke 2-Se paw mwen ye 3-Baby come back 4-Viv pou mwen 5-Avew 6-De la tete aux pieds 7-U my baby 8-Ase 9-Wasn't meant to be 10-you don't want me 11-ou se melodi'm 12-Dance in the dark 13-Mwen to pare 14-Bounce to the beat 15-Prers de toi 16-Che an mwen 17-Ma cherie je t'aime 18-Bom sou 2 bo 19-Marya 20-Fanm sa move 21-Fanm pam nan 22-Se ou mwen vle 23-It's been a while
Added on Oct 8, 2014 by HAITIANMOTION
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