Lionel Benjamin & Les Frères Déjean (Haiti) - Bouke (Lingala version) (Classic 90's Kompa/Compas!!!)
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Les Frères Déjean were another of the most popular big old bands, but they regrouped in 1995 and added Lionel Benjamin who reinvigorated their sound. Frères Déjean got along fine for a long time, after all there were four of them in the band, but this album marked a new departure. Only two brothers remained: Fred on sax and André on trumpet (the rhythm section brothers had gone), and they added a cool singer, Lionel Benjamin. This album has a more pan-Caribbean sound. After Ryco Jazz had brought Congo cool to the Antilles we saw a lot of cross-pollination with artists like arranger/sax player Eddy Gustav & his marvelous Paris productions which added Master Mwana Congo or Rigo Bamundele on guitar to his Antillean lilt. Classic 90's Haitian Kompa!!! Enjoy!!! The language being sung is Lingala.
Added on Oct 8, 2014 by HAITIANMOTION
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