Kompa mix 2013 #1 (New Year - mix & blends) Dj Irv
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Kompa mix 2013 (direk / studio) Dj Irv Download my mixes at: https://soundcloud.com/djirv Elie Lapointe - I don't care Nickenson Prud'Homme - Touche Ke Mwen Show Off - Lanmou Biznis Don Q - Kite yo pale Zenglen - Promise RD - Lanmou sa Wigens - Fo m' kembe'w Harmonik - Mwen bouke Jim Rama - Mon seul regret ft. Alan Cave Steel Groove - Sos planete (Pa Anpeche'm) Shabba Djakout ft. Nickenson - Pito'm Pat Konnen Nu-Look - Lan mou'n pafini Beljazz - An nou fete Elie Lapointe - Gita kompa Rafrechi - Eske'n Pare Zenglen - Nou g'on pwoblem Haitian music
Added on Oct 8, 2014 by HAITIANMOTION
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