Haitian Culture : "Kompa Dance to Teenage Music by Djazz La"
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a couple of mistakes but still a hot piece. In 1988, the Haitian Cultural Club of Tallahassee was born. The product of the idea of a dedicated FAMU student, Louis Marcelus, who wanted to see unity among the Haitians living in this community. He invited students from FAMU, FSU, and T.C.C., and some members of the Haitian community to his apartment for a meeting, and there we laid the foundation for this club. First meeting were held in a member's apartment or house before the club was officially recognized by FSU and assigned a room for our traditional Friday meetings. The Haitian Cultural Club's main goal continues to be Unity. At each meeting we come together to discuss, analyze, and share issues affecting the Haiti. To allow our members who were born in the USA, or emigrated from Haiti at a young age to know more about our country. We focus on ways to positively promote the social and cultural aspects of Haiti. The mission of the Haitian Cultural Club of Tallahassee is to unify the Haitian population in the Tallahassee community in order to: 1. Create a channel of community between the Haitian students, the universities, and the community. 2. Act as an identifying and collective body for all Haitian students . 3. Foster the enrichment of the students experiences by providing a broad spectrum of entertainment and activities. In addition, promote the Haitian culture and serve as a medium of support to all interested students. edited by Lawrence Gonzalez
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